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Belt (SML)

Belt (SML)

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(S) W3×92 65. 68. 71. 74. 77. 80 (cm)
(M) W3×99 75. 78. 81. 84. 87. 90 (cm)
(L) W3×109 85. 88. 91. 94. 97. 100 (cm)
Color: Black
Material: Cowhide (HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL)

Giboshi belt with beautiful lock without pin.
The lock is silver and the bullets are gold.
First, pass the belt completely through the lock and then pull it. Push in the bullet from above. To remove it, pull up the tip of the belt along with the metal fittings. It can be easily removed.
chrome excel
This is the leather for the uppers of boots manufactured by Horween, a company founded in Chicago in 1905. Using a manufacturing method that has remained unchanged for over 90 years, the leather is soaked in an original blend of oils and fats over time, resulting in a chewy, heavy, and durable leather.
In addition, one of the charms of this leather is that it contains plenty of oil and fat, so you can enjoy the discoloration when pulled up. (*Black will not discolor)
It is also known as "tea core leather" because it is a "hill dyeing" method in which only the surface of the leather is dyed (no base dyeing is done).
Due to the combination tanning, the leather itself does not change much over time.
However, as mentioned above, since it is a "hill-dyed" tea core leather, the more you use it, the more the base color will show through, or if there is a deep scratch, the base color will be visible. You can enjoy the aging characteristic of leather.
(The aging method will vary depending on the usage conditions, so please use this as a reference only.)

[Regarding delivery]
Basically, it will be made to order.
It will be manufactured after receiving your order and will be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks later.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us.
If you would like to specify a date and time, please contact us by email.

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