PLAN produces high-quality handmade leather products using Japanese and Italian leather. Making things that you would want to give as a gift to someone. Something you would want to give to someone. I would also be happy to use it and pass it on to someone. It is also a sustainable and minimalist leather product. We focus on sustainability through environmentally friendly production methods and responsible material sourcing.


PLAN uses undyed, tanned leather from Japan. Nume leather is a luxurious leather that allows you to enjoy the original characteristics of the leather to the fullest, and by giving it a natural finish without dyeing, it has a unique and attractive personality called natural stamps and natural marks (scars, etc.). It shows up clearly. Although it is sensitive to scratches and water, the leather itself remains undamaged and can be used for decades, changing in softness, color, and luster over time, developing a unique flavor the more it is used. The color changes to a beautiful color due to sun exposure, and the luster increases due to oil from your hands, care oil, and friction. The more years pass, the more you can enjoy the unique aging experience. Tanned leather has the charm of improving from the day you pick it up.


Standard colors are tanned and black. We would like to incorporate colors that we come across from time to time as limited edition colors.

After care

As you use it for many years, parts may become defective and the leather may become scratched. If you have any concerns, please bring them to the store and we will discuss them with you, so please feel free to contact us via email or SNS.


The aging method will vary depending on the usage conditions, so please use this as a reference only. In order to prioritize the original texture of the leather, no color fixing treatment has been applied, so there is a possibility of discoloration, fading, color transfer, oil transfer, etc. Please note.

Self care

Tanned leather does not contain oil, so it will age more beautifully if you maintain it yourself. I think it would be a good idea to take care of dust and small scratches by dry wiping and brushing, and apply oil once every 2-3 weeks. It becomes a candy color and becomes glossy. Please be careful about water stains as it is sensitive to water and will soak through easily.